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Music for you to play and sing … from Nigel Don

Nigel Don is a composer and arranger, based in Edinburgh. He writes and arranges light classical, church, choir, chamber and orchestral music.


“I would be very pleased if you downloaded my sheet music to play in your band or sing in your choir.

“You can listen to it first, and if you like it, please play it and let me know how you get on.

“The music is copyright, but please do perform it, and attribute it to Nigel Don. Like any composer, I want my work to be played, and I’d appreciate it if you let me know when and where … and we’ll try and list any performances on this site.

“If you would like music composed for a special occasion, I would be happy to help at a sensible cost.”

The best way to contact Nigel  is by email. Please type Nigel’s address into your email programme

Cruising to Nigel’s How Can You Tell?

Passengers on the Black Watch liner will hear one of Nigel’s songs as they cruise sea routes around Scotland’s Highlands and Islands. The Yorkshire based Fairburn Singers will perform “How Can You Tell from Nigel’s “Burns … the Musical”.

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